Recent Activities

April 2nd 2017163rd University Boat Race Viewing
February 4th 2017Candlemas event in Leiden
December 17th 2016Xmas Dinner with the Harvard Club
November 26th 2016Round table event in Amsterdam
November 5th 2016Annual Dinner at Huize Molenaar, Utrecht
October 16th 2016Auction house event in Hilversum
July 1st 201610th Anniversary of the Society in Den Haag
March 27th 2016162nd University Boat Race Viewing
February 5th 2016Candlemas Evening (Leiden)
November 6th 2015Annual dinner in Den Haag
September 1st 2015Wine tasting in Den Haag
June 27th 2015Summer garden party + BBQ
April 26th 2015Visit to Mauritshuis Museum
April 11th 2015161st University Boat Race Viewing
March 20th 2015
Visit to International Court of Justice
February 15th 2015Candlemas – cultural afternoon in Den Haag
December 17th 2014Christmas Dinner in Amsterdam, joint event with Harvard Club
November 8th 2014Annual Dinner at Amsterdamse Academische Club, guest speaker Roland Kupers
September 13th 2014Admissions Fair, Barlaeus Gymnasium, Amsterdam
September 11th 2014Alumni Reception / Annual General Meeting
June 28th 2014End-of-term BBQ in Voorschoten
May 24th 2014Concert with The Sixteen in Rotterdam and drinks together with the ensemble
April 6th 2014Boat race viewing and buffet dinner in Muiden
February 8th 2014Career Services Workshop (Amsterdam)
February 1st 2014Candlemas – cultural evening in Leiden